The Elemental Brass leadpipe EB1 is designed and crafted by John Gough and is made from the ground up in the Elemental Brass shop. A beautiful Pipe, the EB1 allows the player a beautiful ringing tone, perfect intonation, immediate response and ease of play in the extreme high and low registers! A perfect compliment to geyer and knopf style horns, the EB1k is a modified version which sounds great on kruspe style horns as well! An EB1 pipe is the perfect way to upgrade your current horn or bring a factory horn into the custom professional market!

The EB1 pipe can be ordered in brass, gold brass and nickel silver. Every step of production is customized for you and we can offer custom bending, fitting, and installation with any type of bracing or soldering style you require!

While this pipe is played by professionals and students alike, it comes at a very approachable cost of only $595(w/waterkey)! This cost includes installation!

We are very happy to announce this development and look forward to offering you a product which gives you the tools needed to sound your best and transform your playing! Give us a call at 720-485-8841 or email us at and find out how to quickly upgrade with a custom EB1 pipe!