How Do I Know It's Time To Clean My Horn?

Any brass instrument used regularly should be cleaned and generally serviced once or twice a year. Our state of the art ultrasonic service and attention to detail brings your horn to the best condition possible at a great price.


Should I Bring My Horn Into The Shop Myself?

Yes! Elemental Brass is a clean spacious environment in which we can quickly diagnose and address issues with any horn. We want your feedback and would love to have you!


What if I Don't Live Near Nashville?!

If you're not in Nashville (or nearby) feel free to contact us and we will give you all the tools and guidance to safely ship your horn to us and receive it back quickly!


HELP!!! I DROPPED MY HORN! ...(can i bring it in ASAP?)

Our instruments are a huge part of our lives and Elemental Brass knows this. Breathe easy, because in many cases we can not only fix your horn while you wait but can offer flexible hours to accommodate any potential problems that may arise in your busy life! We also respond extremely quickly to any of our several methods of contact.


You Make Horns And Play Them, But Do You Only Repair Horns?

We repair and customize all types of brass instruments! Our well furbished shop can accommodate work of all shapes and sizes!


Do You Carry Supplies As Well?

We use Hetman Lubricants and offer supplies to keep your horn in the very best of shape until you can bring it in again! Check out our available products HERE!