Creative Solutions, Beautiful Results

Elemental Brass operates in a friendly and inviting space. Well organized and using the best equipment available with advanced techniques perfected over time.

We specialize in brass repair...

Full Ultrasonic Cleanings

Include several crucial steps towards maintaining your horn at no additional charge!) Our method gets your horn looking and feeling like new!

  • Full disassembly and de-greasing (only using non toxic bio-degradable products)
  • Full cleaning/polishing/alignment of slides
  • Complete removal of mineral and calcified deposits inside horn (returning the horn's inner diameter to original spec and speeding up rotors and providing clean motion during operation)
  • Professional removal of all easily reachable dents(not including extensive disassembly)
  • Replacement of all rotor bumpers and strings (bringing your horn to its original ability or even higher!)
  • Alignment of all valves
  • complete re-assembly and re-greasing with Hetman Professional Slide Lubricants! 
    • Trumpet-$95
    • Trombone-$85
    • Single Valve Trombone-$105
    • Double Valve Trombone-$125
    • Single Horn-$105
    • Double Horn-$135
    • Triple Horn-$235
    • Tuba-$265

Dent Removal

We specialize in dent removal and work to get your horn back to where it was and how it played before the damage!

  • Removal is charged at the shop hourly rate of $85/hour

Stress Relief

Stress is acquired when the horn is finally assembled or during damage to the horn by dropping, and is relieved through heating of the braces. This step can greatly effect the response and tone of your horn!

  • $50-$75

Broken Solder Point Repair
  • $15 per joint

Lacquer Stripping

This process can help prevent uneven wear over time and has a noticeable effect on tone response and the overall look and feel of the instrument!

  • Single Horn-$175
  • Double Horn-$250
  • Triple Horn-$325
  • Trombone-$225


Listening closely to your requests, we can fabricate beautiful, one of a kind, ergonomic solutions for your instrument out of raw metal stock! Anything from new and beautifully crafted levers and customized valve caps, to solutions driven by the need for you to feel as comfortable as possible while playing.

Hand engraved valve caps...


We can handle any restorative job, from that horn you've left in a closet for a little too long, to the 1920's gem you might think may never play again. For these jobs we work closely with you to provide the highest quality restoration possible. Everything from light dent removal to parts fabricated and valves rebuilt!

  • These projects are billed at the shop rate of $85/hour

Factory Installation

It is important that when you want a water key added or a bell conversion made, the results appear as if the horn came that way! Some common requests are...

  • Water-key-$49 installed
  • Factory quality detachable bell conversions-$550
  • Fully adjustable finger hooks and duck's feet-$85-$135
    • Duerk
    • Schmid
    • Finke